Waters Rolling Stone interview - true colours....shining thru
I don't think any of us posting know Roger well enough to make these kind of judgments. Were his fans, not his family.
hahahahahahaha. what color was the sky you woke up under this morning?
Green. Why do you ask?
Quote:I have no idea what you guys are talking about.

Martin Prince, from the Simpsons.

"This is the first time anyone has ever sat next to me since I successfully lobbied to have the school day extended by twenty minutes."
Boy, Roger couldn't resist getting one more jab at Dave! And Rick. He's still really resentful of them continuing on, without him, and he's pissed off that they were successful at it. GET OVER IT, ALREADY!!! Roger, you are not the center of the universe! Dave Gilmour is a damn good musician, in his own right; stop being such a big, frigging baby. I love ya, but you just sound like a bitter old man. It's pathetic, and it doesn't accomplish anything. It's amazing that such an intelligent guy cannot see that. Live and let live.
Rick Wright 1943-2008. I will never change my avatar.
But if Roger wasn't such a jackass would he be as cool as he is? I think not! Just listen to Animals and tell me what it would be like if he was as nice as Dave!

I myself say Rock And Let Rock.

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i like this interview (and basically all roger interviews) because he seems to say what he really thinks.
Wouldn't it be great if everybody really said what they thought, no matter how rude, self centered or flat out idiotic and stupid...
Do you suppose it's senility?

Besides losing his voice, he is also losing bits of his mind?

Even though he said in the interview that he thought he was

a great bass player...I've noticed that he has a difficult time

there too. Maybe his world is shrinking and he is going just a

little mad. What irony that would be.

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