Pink Floyd Naked Ladies (Front shot)
I was wondering if anyone had a link to, or a picture of the front shot of the famous Pink Floyd naked ladies front shot, it would be much appreciated if anyone could help me out...Thank You much
sorry i can't help u i only have a big poster with there backs turned to me lol
Great poster still :D
is there a front shot? that would be awesome if there was
**** yea it would be! :D :blues:
But there are a lot of things unsaid as well.
All we need to do, is make sure we keep talking.
i think theres not a front shoot..
That poster was to help promote the Floyd's 'Back Catalogue', a term refering to their previously released albums. It was probably produced around the time of Division Bell or Pulse. The obvious joke is that its a photo of the ladies' backs. There is no front shot.
Is that a real photo? I thought it was a painting.
i have seen a side pic of the girls somewhere
i think i seen it off google images just the faces
no naughty parts :upside:
Horny bastards. :D
Anyway, I've seen an alternate picture of the "back catalogue." It had some of the ladies turned to the side. They weren't the same ladies, though. I'll see if I can find it.

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