the cover of 'Atom Hear Mother'
Hi everyone,
I'm a PF fan, and I have a question about the album 'Atom Hear Mother' - its cover. Who designed it and did it hold specific meanings? Are there explanations from the band?

Thanks a lot!

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Hey unchained, firstly welcome to PFO, enjoy yourself. Secondly, as for any PF cover I believe that they were all done by the one person, not sure on any meanings, due to my memory that resembles a siv (sp?) I at this moment can't remember the gentlemens name and don't have time to do a search as I have to cut up the chicken breast before my wife gets home. :;): And no that doesn't have some sick and twisted meaning behind it, I actually have to cut up the chicken for dinner. :D

The cover of AHM was designed by Hpgniosis (can't spell it >_<) it's a company that is close now, but Storm Thurgonson was the main guy for there. He designed most of Floyd's album art. He went out somewhere and took some pictures of cows and I can't remember the reason why, but it's a different cover.

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In Inside Out there was an old picture of Rick Wright playing his trombone near a cow, which I think was the cow on the cover of AHM. As far as I know, there wasn't a specific reason the cover had to do with cows...I think it was just random, and the title has nothing to do with the music either.

And welcome unchained. :)

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I think they put the cow on it because they wanted something that had nothing to do with the album
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thanks folks ! Hpgniosis ...really a difficult name...

I think the album cover has nothing to do with the music too, which, in my opinion, is most of the PF covers.

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Ha ha, my Wife would love that but I seldom cook because I despise it. :;):
I think Storm was told to go out and take some random pictures then the band chose the one they wanted. Also Storm did all the album cover artwork except for: The Wall (Gerald Scarfe), The Final Cut (Waters) and The Piper at the gates of Dawn.
Storm Thurgonson, interesting guy, hehe~
Never Fear 33 Is Here Wrote:Ha ha, my Wife would love that but I seldom cook because I despise it. :;):
despise? oh~ what about a saucerful of secrets?

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