What do you have to do - to become a moderator, anyway?
I'm just curious as to how you get inducted as a moderator. I realise that you probably have to get voted in by the other mods and administrators, but how does it all start?

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basically I believe you have to be active, show an interest in helping the board grow, be somewhat level-headed, be helpful...hmmm, sounds like a boy scout credo :) ...and be willing to take on the responsibilty
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hmm...I'm a boy scout :D
be nice, present often on the board, and display an authoritive presence. IMO
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Well, if you don't make it as a mod here, you're welcome to mod at mine. I just started it so it ain't that ready for viewing, but I'd appreciate your help! Just click homepage below this post. No, nothing is going to crash you're computer. Or, go to proboards and make you're own forum for free!
Hey do you mods have an invisible forum here, also?lol...I like being part of invisi forums...No one but you and the other mods/admins know what your talking bout, it is quite fun.
If you're talking about me, then no. I never tried being part of these "invisible" thingys. But I am administrator of a brand new forum site!
You should make an invisi forum...if you know how...They're pretty cool.
I know how, but I don't know what they do. So......what do they do?
to answer your question, yes we do have an "invisible forum" but we really don't use it much at all, mostly used when someone is being bad Devil
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