Hi I'm new :) - a newbie post :)
Hello :) I'm a 16 year old girl from Iceland and I'm new to this forum!
Sadly I don't know anything about Pink Floyd :Oo: but I came here and I hope I'll get to know this great band better :)
I dunno when I started listen to them.. but I know that my parents have listened a lot to them so i'm pretty used to listen :)

so.. please be gently of my stubit newbies post.. I don't know yet which facts are all-known .. but I'll try learning that to be quick to come up with some good topics :)

See ya all soon :) :music: :upside:

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Hello and welcome! :)
Welcome to the Wonderful of World of Floydian if you have any questions email me at TPANDTHB1976@aol.com or I-M me on the same screenname.
Hi Grapefruit,

Theres some great new music coming out of Iceland. Recently I have been enjoying Emiliana Torrini's songs.

As far as Floyd goes I prefer their early music with Syd Barrett and love his 'solo' albums.
There can be very few people who do not regard 'The Dark Side of The Moon' as the most classic Pink Floyd album...although I am sure there are some who would love to disagree :)

If someone was new to Pink Floyd I would recommend they sit down in a darkened room and listen to DSOTM at a good volume before exploring the amazing creativity of Syd Barrett in the early period.

I wonder if Pink Floyd ever played in Iceland?
Welcome do u play any instrument?
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Hello and welcome :)

Voodoo Chile & pre-Stones Mick Taylor
Takin' 5 at the Monterey Pop Festival

Yes, welcome! :;):
I'm new too. But i have listened too Pink Floyd for a while and know their great music! But I don't know anything about them ...

Do you know a site with FAQs and stuff like that? I really want to know more about them. :)
It was nice chatting with you both, grapefruit and aegishjalmur, in the chat room. Looking forward to seeing you again! :)
If you've studied your Floyd properly, you'd know that pigs could fly. -- Les Claypool
~ Pigs HAVE Flown ~

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