A plea for sanity - What is happening to our members?
Please people, until around July/August time when we received a lot of new members on the back of Live 8, this baord was relatively peaceful and, despite being quite dull at times, everyone got along fairly well, (with perhaps one or two exeptions). Now I am not blaming all members who joined at about the time of Live 8 or since, but that seemed to be the turning point. Now it almost seems like too many want to be banned, it has become a status symbol.

This board is susposed to be a community and us mods are only here to ensure that rules are adhered to and topics are in the right place, (and don't turn into dozens of pages of chatting, as has happened a lot of late). We are not here to spoil your fun. If you read the rules, or even if you don't, and break them, you run the risk of a warning. It's not guaranteed, but many seem to be trying to push their luck these days.

I also encourage all those members who are fed up with these activities too, or aren't purposely breaking rules to get banned to join clubs that sound as pathetic as the clubs we all set up when we were eight year olds, to speak up. So many members are complaining it is a case of us mods versus the rest, when we know many of you agree with us.

We used to have a lot of good discussion around here and were often surprised by the age of members posting some of the most intelligent comments, but that has almost completely gone. I know it isn't because a lot of you don't have it in you, but appears to be more linked to laziness. We can rebuild this community if we give it a go, but so many seem to be interested in short posts that boost their post count than provide content. It does not impress other members, it merely tells us that when you post 1500 times in a month that you are either gushing, spend far too long on this board, or both.

Please, please, please, give it a go. :)
thanks Steve..I just joined the board after reading the tribute band and covers page exclusively for several months...I started looking around and all I could think was "wow, the mods have to explain themselves waaaayyy too much...it seems to me that you all do a great job at what should be a joyful task...I don't understand the attitudes and language that flies around here...In my mind it's a matter of don't shoot the messenger, especially when he or she is doing it out of love for Pink Floyd and probably not much else...let me know if there is anything I can do to help you all out in mod land k? Greg
Who was dragged down by the stone.

I've been trying to get this place back up, but its just not working. Considering hanging up my coat and leaving for good...
please don't stop gardening AC......
Who was dragged down by the stone.

I certainly hope you don't steve. Seems that every place (forum) i go to, ends up haveing a similer problem, i think it hapens to every board eventually. If this board follows the patteren, there will be a down time of a few months of reletivly pointless posts and topics but than it will slowly start to come back up to its full glory.
I don't think that old men ought to promote wars for young men to fight
AndersonCouncill Wrote:I've been trying to get this place back up, but its just not working. Considering hanging up my coat and leaving for good...
Don't you dare leave us when we need people like you the most, people who actually care about this site/it's community. Leaving is another way of saying the "bad apples" can take this most wonderful place & ruin it to become the way they want it to be instead of helping it to be the best it can be. Steve is right in what he's saying however in my opinion it started even earlier than said with a member named "julia dream" who was ripped apart for her religious beliefs, how wrong was that? Since that time she has yet to return. For a while now those who choose to incite hate/anger have taken this once peaceful place and turned into a place where you don't want to voice an opinion for fear of being cut down or even banned by the Mods. who are merely trying to preserve what we once had, the best Pink Floyd site I have ever been privileged to be apart of. Lets stand together in solidarity and take it back!
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I understand what you mean. I know I have posted alot of stupid thread and posts in my day and since the day I joined the boreds it seems it has have been going downhill ever since. This is the first and only fourm Ive ever been on. So im not sure if fourms have this sump or not. It also seems like theres just not that much too talk about anymore(notice how the fourms have been very slow for the past few days). It also seems like when people go to PFO they go there for Outside the Wall and none of the other fourms(hate to say it but thats what I do). Im not sure what to do about this problem but maybe try and get people more intrested in talking about Pink Floyd again.

Also is it me but it seems like there are no newbies to Pink FLoyd anymore on here.

Also great thread Steave.

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carefulwiththataxluke Wrote:Steve is right in what he's saying however in my opinion it started even earlier than said with a member named "julia dream" who was ripped apart for her religious beliefs, how wrong was that?
Julia and I joined within a few days/weeks of each other, about the same time as Fantastic Floyd too, and she was a great poster to start with, was away for extended periods and then when she she appeared to return for good, other members that had joined a fair while after her rip her apart as if she was some wierd newbie.

I have been moaning about the lack of quality for about a year now and I know I must be starting to sound like a stuck record at times, but my main point here was about people over the last few months having no regard for rules and almost wanting to be banned. From myself joining to probably about June/July, very few members were warned with boxes. They either kept their noses fairly clean, or did something so bad they were instantly banned. Now we are seeing new boxes appear on a daily basis and a lot of the time the blame is put on moderators, and one or two of them in particular. What i want to see is a return to this being a message board rather than somewhere to have a 89 page chat, insult someone you don't like and then get banned, only for others to then try and get banned out of sympathy/because they saw how popular the member who got banned became after they were banned and hope for that same level of interest if they got banned too.

Even if we start off with discussion of a relatively low level, I just want people to step back, calm down and treat each other with the respect they expect themselves.
I think everyone would like to see a return to the relative tranquility that the forum almost always had prior to the Live 8-related explosion.
i think its all laziness and people getting too touchy over threads being closed. and its not only here either, over at MO people have gotten extrememly angry (and banned) over us editing posts for SPAM and deleted threads of no use at all. they even go into personal attacks on the mods. so you mods are usually in the right when you ban some people if they start argueing and the name calling. for that i salute you rocker

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