A plea for sanity - What is happening to our members?
Sydney Wrote:One thing that bugs me, and you kinda mentioned it too High Mesa Floyd, is when people put other albums down, and lable them as crap (and the fans of those ablums as druken peeps in pubs). It's just not nice, nor does it bring and benifit. When I dislike something like an album, I try to just not say anything, certainly I don't insult the fans of that album. I would like the same respect. When posting on topic such as favorite album I post what makes it strong, not how other albums suck. I'll step off my little soapbox now about that, but I hope it doesn't fall on deaf ears.

Hopefully this forum will go back to what it once was, a place for lively discussion and a sense of community, and not dwell on this "us and them" feeling that seems to be amist.
Exactly right Sydney! The Gilmour vs. Waters arguments are getting annoying. I mean, there's no point in putting down any member of the Floyd by saying "The Final Cut sucks," or vice versa for AMLOR. It just causes problems, hurts feelings, and is totally unnecessary. If I don't like an album, I do the same thing Sydney does... I won't post on the topic, or I'll post positive things about the album.
I've been here for awhile now, and I know we'll get though this, I mean, the site's already improving. Here, it's more than arguments. Over the past two and half years, I have been guided on what guitar to get, what amp to buy, what types of effects to use, what albums to buy, and made new friends by talking with fellow Floydians about my favorite band. That's been the main highlight. Everyone's doing a great job, lets keep it up. :)
A New Machine Wrote:I always thought that that was what the Notebook was for, posting things that didn't require a thread or just chatting in general. I think that since we've had the notebook shut down, many people are starting threads for one post opinions that could have went into the Notebook, and those threads are the ones that are getting locked. Don't get me wrong, I am totally sided with the mods in this epic battle of wits and childish grudges against power, but the Notebook was the one thing that brought that sense of controlled chaos to the boards that really made in fun (kind of like the controlled chaos PF does to my head). Please bring the notebook back.

The Notebook was started, deleted, and restarted numerous times by a non-moderator member, yet the moderators keep getting blamed for it's disappearance.

The chat room is for chatting; the Notebook was for mini-topics, which was clearly stated in the first post made by wowser, who started it in the first place. :;):
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cevor Wrote:it's not to curry favor, it's attempting to forge solidarity...I feel so included to have been swiped at, that took literally DAYS!! great word btw
It means you're one of us now, lol. :D

I hope you enjoy this forum as we return to some sort of state of normality again. :)
If you've studied your Floyd properly, you'd know that pigs could fly. -- Les Claypool
~ Pigs HAVE Flown ~
I sure feel like one of the gang, it's really nice and I sure am enjoying it Jintzey....thanks!!...... :D
Who was dragged down by the stone.

Alternate Gilmour Wrote:I'm glad that your dictionary is finally getting a workout. However, I believe the insult you intended to use was the Latin word "sycophanta" for slanderer. The Greek word "sukophantes" would make me an informer, a person giving information. (well...maybe you meant to compliment me) I just hope there is no follow-up with the "I'm-paper-you're-glue gambit.
Well, AG, I don't need to use Greek to insult you:

Your an [ ]. Your a jerk. Your a [ ]. Your being down-right mean. [ ] you. I can't believe I defended you when Scream put you down. You are being a [ ].

Now tell me, since the opinions just about everyone here has of you have been posted in this one little post I just made in plain English, what is your reply?

Edit --> Please avoid profanity

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It has become indubitably apparent that what separates you and I, comes in the form of my use of pejoratives with more than one syllable. I regret not being able to share your utterance of colorful yet facile terms as they were "MIA" in your war on words. I had hoped for a less stressful result for you when I used the expression sycophant while I was actually thinking lickspittle. Apropos to our subject of the Greek word "sukophantes", ( which Sydney tried to twist in the wind back toward me) comes from "sukon", a fig, and "phainein", to show. So I guess you might say I was showing a fig. Did you know that " giving someone the fig " is an ancient expression for the obscene gesture of putting the thumb between two fingers. (The word for fig in Greek,Italian, English and other languages has long been a low slang term for the genitals, from a supposed resemblance.) It could be that the Greek word referred to the action of figuratively (so to speak) giving the fig to those he informed against.
pretty sad, and I'm on alot of meds so this might be rather abrupt...Steve post a topic calling for 'a return to sanity' and a fight breaks out, I'm not gonna delete the posts...instead, I'm gonna leave them there so everyone can see how childish you are...grow up, if you have nothing civil to say, then say NOTHING!

and if you think this applies to you, then it probably does

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Guys when I wrote the joke about sukophantes it was just that-a joke so just drop it now. It doesn't really matter now does it? All this insulting bad and forth to spite one another, well what does that achieve for you? Are you going to win a prize? No, your not, so both can stop. If I helped escalade this by posting the comment of AG being a sukophantes well then I am sorry, it was a little joke, a little sarcasm to counter his, basically drop it asap.

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(..when I wrote the joke about sukophantes it was just that-a joke..)

And I appreciate that humor. Trust me, I was laughing all the way through my posts.

i like the forum its a good community for fellow floydians yes i admit i have made some silly posts and topics. All forums i guess go through lean spells and pick up eventually.
I try and get along with everyone if i have said something about a member or a rude post i will change it and say sorry and that cause i respect everyone on here we all floydians and we rock lol.

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