Moderator forum - C'MON! I WANNA KNOW! PLEEZ...
I just wanna know if I ever come up in discussion and if so, what do you say? You don't need to post it, I'd just like a PM... I don't wanna know what you say about anyone there but me, which I think is entirely exceptable.

I deserve that much. I decided not to leave here for you, mods! As much as I wanted to, your dedication and the fact that your all my favorite posters (and I'm not sucking up) lead me to stay... C'MON! SPILL IT! I KNOW YOU HAVE A MOD FORUM! ALL BOARDS DO!
We actually never discuss anyone unless it is about warnings, the mod section here is by far the least used of any board I have ever been a mod for, there are no topics about general things, no topics about our likes and dislikes, simply topics about warnings (why they were given) and bans (ditto) and topics/threads which were pulled due to blantant rules violations
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I can vouch for that, from me joining the mod team, (About March time), to when our real problems seemed to start about August/September, the board was barely used. I think I could even safely say I could count the new topics in that time on one hand. Now there seems to be a lot of discussion in there, and it's all warning/banning related.

Nobody that keeps within the rules ever gets mentioned in there.
It's a fairly dry forum, as Kimbers and Steve already explained. There's no juicy gossip or anything like that, like you seem to think. It's purely for administrative purposes and for PFOnline to make announcements to us about changes, for us to offer up our opinions about future considerations for the site, or more recently PFOnline reassuring us that we've been doing a good job, most of which are fairly infrequent anyway. I can also attest to the low usage of that forum as compared to other sites. For example, on a forum I run myself, the mods/ops section is used far more frequently on that forum than the one here, even though that forum overall is very low volume as a whole, whereas this site is very high in comparison.
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did i ever come up there?
JethroZepFloyd Wrote:did i ever come up there?
You are our number one topic of conversation. :;):

I joke of course, although I am sure we have probably discussed why you were warned, twice.

Now no more questions, I need stout.
I actually give the other Mods deep discounts on W1P shows in the Mod forum.
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Where? Do I have access to these topics? All I ever see is banned this, what shall we do about that?

This topic is pointless now as far as I can see and unless anyone has got anyone has any objections, I may consider locking it in the morning or it will descend into another "Mod nominations" topic that goes nowhere.

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