hey mods its pinkfloydfan1 here my old acount wont let me post for some reason so im using this one

just saying that u can put the two warning boxes on here
Your old acct shows "Awaiting Authorisation" status. If you change your EMAIL ADDRESS associated with your acct, you lose access to the site until you click the validation link in the email the board sends to your new email address.....

Since the email address your old acct is using is an AOL address, make sure you check your BULK or SPAM sections of your email acct. Sometimes emails from this site can wind up there...

yeh i did all dat i got the link and that but wen i clicked it around 8 times it came up with error constantly
You need to be more specific...what was the error?

AOL has a tendency to "truncate" or chop down long links in emails. This may cause the link to be corrupted. If you want me to fix your old acct and disable this one, let me know.

ye can u do that m8
well the link was comming up and i clicked it and it said erro the acount was wrong or sommit like dat
Old acct is all can start using it again.

your the man thank you can u please close this acount
Consider it done :)

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