Change ideas for site
most of the changes were security issues and some slight changes to user groups

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Jintzey Wrote:The Admin/site owner hasn't logged on since Oct 2005, which is why the website hasn't been updated. We (the moderating team) don't feel comfortable "taking over" the site without PFOnline's permission so we've just made a few necessary adjustments to the forum to keep it running smoothly without making any major changes that PFOnline may not like.
Well i think u guys should take over temporally..becasue the site owner hasent been responsible on updating the site and this stuff like the news is like half a year u guys should just do it..why do u think u guys are moderators know..then u can explain to him that we decided to make some changes since the stuff is old and do it
This is NOT our site...its PFOnline's site. Nothing will be done to this site without the owner's permission. Hijacking someone's site simply because he isnt here doesnt make it right. He owns the domain name, pays the bills, and is in charge. Unless this changes, I dont see anything changing here in my honest opinion.

and regarding this:

Quote:this stuff like the news is like half a year behind

umm..last new post was the frontpage of the webste was 10/05 and in the forums was last month...where do you get the year and a half behind idea from? Granted, the news is rather old on the frontpage, but HARDLY that old....

These topics telling the staff to overhaul/take over the site are getting old and show NO respect for the owner of this site.

Topic closed.


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