The Rules on Post Reporting - Please follow them
Hello. I wanted to post a clarification regarding the reporting of posts. If you reasonably believe that there has been a violation of the rules, use the "Report Post To Moderator" function. Please don't abuse it -- if you are reporting people out of spite, eventually that will end up resulting in you being the one who gets warned.

Do not post threads on the Board reporting alleged violations. Do not post threads on the board seeking to have a member banned. Do not post threads on the board demanding to know why a moderators has or has not acted on a Report.

Once a post is reported, the moderators will decide what, if any, action is to be taken. The action could be private -- like a PM to the alleged violator. The action could be public -- like a deletion or a locking of a topic. But the decisions of the Moderators are final. If you have an issue with the Moderators, please feel free to PM the moderator in question or PFOnline.
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