About the board
Hi everyone,

We had the rules put in place to keep this board a friendly place to visit, and I assure you the moderators are only trying to do their job.

Please put yourselves in their shoes, it's not always an easy task to try and keep everything in order...

This board was meant to be a fun and friendly place to talk about Pink Floyd, not get into politics and arguments.

Sure, sometimes there will be disagreements, and that is to be expected, but we ask that you please just be kind and respect others opinions.

The only solution I can come up with is that any posts from now on that have to do with "board politics", or arguments, will simply be deleted.

Remember, every post takes up space on our server. Let's use this space wisely, like for quality post's and enjoyable conversations... Not arguments where nothing gets solved, and nobody ever "wins".

We'd love to keep you, but if you find the rules to difficult to follow, their are other Pink Floyd message boards out there.

Hope everyone understands.

Now lets just get back to talkin about Floyd and havin' fun!


Well said PFOnline :D

And I've lost my temper now :D all is calm Cool
^(as in I am not temperous anymore)

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i think this will satisfy a lot of people because you said it nicely and you don't seem to be talking down to people or being rude about it... thanks for the post :)
as you can see, im new. and im asking about martin. i dont know who he was and what he done. there are a lot of posts about him. and i would just like to know the rules. can i post up bootlegs? and i dont swear, and im a pacifist by nature. i have been on other boards and this seem the best one. i just want to satrt on a good note. thank you.
Here are the rules:

#1. Please don't use vulgar language.
This is intended to be an all ages friendly, floydly, site and forum.

#2. Please be civil to other members.
No personal attacks, insults, or "flames". If you have a problem with somebody, please do not flame them here. Please take it somewhere else. This forum is intened to be a friendly place, so please help us to keep it that way.

#3. Please post in the proper category.
Before you post, look for the category it fit's under. If it doesn't fit under a certain category, post it in the "General Pink Floyd" category. This helps us keeps thing's organized.

#4. Please don't spam.
Spamming is either posting multiple times about the same thing or starting multiple topics about the same thing. There are other actions that are considered spamming such as constantly posting off-topic as well as providing links that have nothing to do with the forum at hand.

#5. No "trolling".
"Trolling" is purposely trying to anger people and harassment and includes: ā€¢ Hanging around here making posts that just cause trouble. ā€¢ Posting messages specifically to provoke a reaction. For example, going to the Pink Floyd forum and posting "Pink Floyd sucks." ā€¢ Posting comments which will intimidate, promote or generate hatred or flames among members. No posting topics that will likely end up causing trouble, for example, Roger vs. Dave debates.


These are all pretty basic rules that most forums have, and shouldn't be too hard to go by. If you are ever offended by, or have a problem with a post, please use the "Report Post to a Moderator" link located under the post.

We reserve the right to edit or delete any posts that do not follow these rules without warning.

We appreciate you helping to keep this forum a nice place to visit. :-)

Pink Floyd Online
thank you. i cant pronounce your name. but is your title in red a santana theme. if it is, i like them
Yeah, it is related to Santana. I have a website about Michael Shrieve.

I forgot to add, as for bootlegs (aka RoIOs): you can trade them, post links to downloads, whatever.... but you cannot sell them and you cannot offer downloads of any officially released stuff. Is that right, other moderators?
can you post me the url to your link please. i love santana. woodstock stood out as thier best prformance. and thats good that i can post bootlegs and roios. i have a few of santana too, if you like.

thank you again
The link is in my profile and in a message I've sent you.
thank you. i got the message and was a bit confused at first as to how to use it, and thats not your fault. great that you have photos of the woodstock concert. im a big fan of jazz and buddy rich. i especially liked his frank sinatra days. i bookmarked your link. and santana played a few times in the uk. i wish i had seen them but i was too young.

where does your name come from?

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