New Pink Floyd Box Set to be Released
My ever faithful dad bought me mine for Christmas and my ex-boss ordered me one. I did an A/B test of the remastered jobs and the WYWH, ANimals and The Wall remasters are the UK 1992 whereas the Capitol 2000 issues are the 1997 Sony remasters with UK art. I sold the one my ex-boss ordered and kept the one my dad got me and the one my dad got me is PERFECT except I switched wax sleeves with paper sleeves so discs don't get damaged. Best way to get discs out is to gently slide from sleeve and gently put back in.

Those who want the catalog and/or albums with original art, go for it. Those who are casual fans, stay clear.

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RE: New Pink Floyd Box Set to be Released - by atottobc2 - 05-30-2008, 12:14 AM

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