New Pink Floyd Box Set to be Released
The box-set is a ripoff, but I wanted to have it to go with my Doors 1999 mini-vinyl remasters set and my 2007 Led Zeppelin mini-vinyl set from Rhino.

I got mine for $100 new from Amazon other sellers. It was $150 - 50 for signing up for Amazon credit-card.

At $100 it is worth it. But the quality of the box-set is poor. the printing of the sleeves, cds, etc. is much lower than the previously mentioned Doors and Zeppelin sets. And it's just not my set, I compared to other copies and they are all that way.

As for Floyd, it was reported last year that the BBC Floyd material would likely get released. I have bootleg cds of this stuff and would definitely buy legit releases if they choose to do so.

With that in mind we could some day see Dark Side of the Moon Live in London, Top Gear Sessions, and Some live Atom Heart Mother era stuff. All of that was broadcast on TV/Radio and I think for the BBC but I could be wrong. Then there are unrelased Syd/Floyd songs that Floyd does not want released. I don't think they can stop the BBC stuff from hitting stores though.
I would bet there is tons of unreleased material they have. Now Dave, Roger and Nick will have to decide to release it or not.
Got my box set recently from an amazon seller, $150 new condition.
I thought the box set's presentation was fantastic and the posters, stickers, and coasters were cool. Still, I wouldn't have paid more than $150 for it.
omg!!! i had all but one of those.. n all of them through out the years broke or got scratched... i would love to start all over n get this set... it would be perfact!woah
(10-18-2007, 08:46 AM)I AM THE WALRUS Wrote: wtf is a mini vinyl?
a mini vinyl is a CD with the original vinyl label, inner sleeve and artwork. Basically a CD that looks EXACTLY like the vinyl copies.
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