DVD Ripping Software
Does anyone have or know of any good DVD ripping softare? I want to get the audio from some of my DVDs onto my iPod but alot of the rippers I find don't support the ripping of copy-protected DVDs.
I have a program called "Total Video Converter" which is able to convert video files into mp3/ogg/wav/flac/wma etc but first I need the video files. Sad
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Sod's Law: Right after posting this, I found one. It's only a free trial but it's good enough.
If anyone is interested it's called "Magic DVD Ripper", it even rips straight to mp3! It's the first result on Google if you search for it.
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I was going to suggest that you go to the Salvation Army and pick up one of those retro new-fangled CD recorders from a few years ago cheap. You could plug the stereo analog outputs from your DVD player into it. Since you'd have to convert to analog to listen to it anyways, this wouldn't be a big deal.

So... ummm... never mind...
AOA DVD ripper is great. It's free, but you can only rip 10 min segments at a time.

If you just want to get audio off DVDs, there's a much much easier alternative. Download the greatest DVD playing software: VLC Media Player. Then get a simple audio recording program like GoldWave or Audacity. Press play on VLC, press record on GoldWave...
i use "videora ipod converter" pretty sure it supports dvd ripping. my computer wont play a dvd so i havent tryed it. what i do is download .avi files and then convert them. i back up the .avi file on a data dvd (compter works with that go figure)

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