Epiphone Les Paul
I want an Epiphone Les Paul in either Cherry Sunburst or Alpine White colour. I am willing to pay about Ā£200-Ā£300 for it, although obviously less would be preferable. I have found plenty in the Ā£100-Ā£200 bracket but I don't really know what I am looking for, other than those two colours.

Thanks in advance. Thumbsup
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there are very few Epiphone Les Pauls that are actually worth the money.
I'd just save up the extra scratch and buy a Gibson
I don`t think saving for a Gibson is really an option for Chris...being of school-age and not earning.
My Gibson Les Paul (custom) cost me Ā£995 in 1992...they`re around 2K now!!
A "Standard" would be round Ā£1350, a Les Paul "Classic" around Ā£1150....even second-hand would be too expensive.
If you`re buying new, I would advise you to go to a bunch of music shops and try anything within your price range. As a Londoner, maybe "Tin Pan Alley" (Denmark Street - off Oxford Street) would be a good place to start. It`s ALL music shops down that road (closest tube Tottenham Court Road, near Centrepoint).
You may think you want an Epiphone, but if you try a range of instruments, you may find the feel, action, and sound of something else appeals to you more.
More than once, I`ve gone into music shops convinced I wanted a certain guitar...but on playing it, walked out with something different...well, that`s certainly happened to me with acoustics, anyway.guitar
This website may provide inspiration http://www.gak.co.uk/ ...don`t give them your e-mail address though...you`ll never get rid of them!!
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im in school and i got my Gibson Les Paul Classic when i was a sophmore...so it IS possible my friend...anywho....im not really sure what the exchange rate is but i know Epiphone Custom is about $600 american....not too sure about the playablity of the standards...i have never played one myself
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Thanks for the help guys. Thumbsup

I think I am going to try and get this one on Ebay (it is only Ā£127 there at the moment with 5 hours to go):


If not, I like the look of the Epiphone Les Paul 100 Cherry Sunburst. Whistlingrocker
R. I. P Syd Barrett (06/01/46-07/07/06)
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I've been playing Les Pauls a lot at stores lately. They sure are thick and crispy. Here in the US they can be had for the equivilent of about 150 quid, in good shape too. Here's one for sale in my area:


I find they really are best for big rock distortion. For clean I much prefer my Stratocaster. Wub
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My grandson wants the Epiphone Les Paul and the run $449 at Guitar Center. Sounded like an OK price

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