Best Front Cover? - The best PF album front covers and why
Now one of those I would like.
i think u'lkl be needing a turntable
I will indeed.
get a good one for under a ton from Bush , surprisingly
Yes, I know. Will probably do exactly that one day if I can't afford to splash out a thousand or more on one of the really amazing ones. Then I can re-collect the PF catalogue on vinyl too.
indeed sir
I'd like to get a linear-tracking turntable.

You know, LPs are making a comeback lately, I've already seen turntables more readily available than they used to be, and even new bands are releasing albums on LP now. I guess people finally realised CDs aren't all they're cracked up to be.

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If you've studied your Floyd properly, you'd know that pigs could fly. -- Les Claypool
~ Pigs HAVE Flown ~
What's a linear-tracking turntable, Jintzey? Are they better/more expensive?

Good news about vinyls returning. Should be possible to find all PF's albums on vinyl somewhere, shouldn't it?

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that should keep Neil Youing happy, then
simps Wrote:The Wall: now there's a great album cover. An album about a psychological wall has a plain and simple picture of a wall. Album that does exactly what it says on the sleeve!
not a psychological wall my friend. It's a social wall.

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