Best Front Cover? - The best PF album front covers and why
i'll send u them cos they are far better quality
Great. Thanks. Though to be honest the ones I'm using seem perfect to me. Are you going to work on any more album cover reproductions?
can't be arsed factor is high after a Wish You Were Here cover went dismally wrong. don't hold breath
Fair enough. Wish You Were Here front cover is perhaps my least favourite, but extracting the symbol from it (like I did for one of the banners on the simps & Jintzey site) and applying some of your 3D magic might just look really good. I don't know. What other ones could be good?
What are the weakest PF front covers? Wish You Were Here? More? There aren't many possibilities. Most of them are simply brilliant artworkfully complimentary to the brilliant music provided on disc inside the cover.
nah, wish u were here is great. more, and the first album are poor
I never liked the front cover of Wish You Were Here. The back cover is outstanding, however. More is an odd cover certainly.

I see what you mean about the first album. Not a cleverly thought out cover like most of the others. Looks very nice though. What clothes they wore! Couldn't imagine it being any other way now I've got used to it. Love the writing they used for "Pink Floyd" on the front of it. Very psychedelic. More interesting is the back cover. It was a simple drawing by Syd on vinyl, but for the CD conversion Storm edited it so it is now his interpretation of the same drawing (in more vivid colours and with some changes made) as opposed to the Syd original.
Do people here mostly have vinyl or CD PF albums? Do people like the way Storm Thorgerson and Co have changed the covers slightly of Piper, Atom Heart Mother, Meddle, Dark Side..., and probably many others in more subtle ways during the conversion to CD format?

I think the new AHM is better without the writing above the cow. Meddle they just changed the colour scheme really noticeably. Probably prefer the CD colours. Dark Side... the prism has changed. See above about Piper. Tampering with history...
The Division Bell cd has braille on the spine? I never noticed that on mine, perhaps only the England version does. I don't have the jewel case with me so I can't check. That's cool though. I wouldn't say the LP is any less interesting than the CD in this case because I have a limited edition blue vinyl for TDB which is pretty cool.

I have all the albums on both CD and LP (and even quite a collection of 45s) so I don't think I have more albums in one or the other format, though I finished my collection of CDs before starting on LPs.
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That's great to have both, Jintzey. I would love to have a turntable so I could start collecting PF on vinyl as well. Better sound and larger covers so the artwork can really be appreciated. You said about your special blue vinyl Divison Bell. How does one get hold of things like that? Expensive?

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