I`m really the only one who likes the DSOT album?
I think DSOT is waaay better then Pulse, Time on Pulse is bland and dull for example while on DSOT it is much more energtic.
DSOT is more live and the song renditons are much better on DSOT i think personally, CN the solo is my all time fave alot more live and better then Pulses a much better solo, Money is excellent and OTTA is a amazing oh and Yet Another Movie is awesome and a highly underrated song
Davids guitar on the entire album is much more raw and in your face compared to Pulse where at times it seems too over produced, hell Pulse some tracks are sliced together from different nights on the album..
time and comfortably numb sound amazing on DSOT.
great live album.
Comfortably Numb DSOT final solo is amazing i love it a very underrated version and solo along with CN Knebworth 1990 that version is mindblowing the band are on fire that night.

Oh i have the uncut raw roio version of CN which DSOT CN is sourced from 23rd auguest 1988 the solo is even beter a few bits are edited but the still an amazing 11 min version and its cool hearing the CN from DSOT in longer form.
I listened to ...Thunder twice over the weekend and had a few different opinions this time.
Dave sings really low and rough on those songs and the background singers perform poorly of course on a few songs and are dreadfully not appropriate in places on other songs.
"Learning To Fly" from DSOT. They really should have rethought the use of the background singers on that one. "Money" could have been much better in many aspects as well; most importantly the freakin' backing vocals.
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Well, since I own PULSE and have heard some TDB songs, from what I've heard, I prefer AMLOR. Although, no I haven't heard TDB as a CD from top to bottom. (Which I should do.)
Well I just listened to all of DSOT for the first time. I didn't love it, and Dave did sing pretty low, which was weird. Some songs, like Sorrow, pretty much sounded the same as the studio versions, but it did include some of their greatest songs so it was hard not to like some parts of it. I liked the Money bass solo, and that definitely was one of the best versions of the CN solo. I think I'll listen to PULSE now to compare the 2, since I've barely listened to that one too.
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I've only heard Delicate Sound of Thunder a few times, until I picked up an old cassette of only the first two sides and had a good re listen (although, only sides 1 and 2). It's not bad; very enjoyable but P.U.L.S.E. is my favourite. Even though some guitar parts are spliced in from other shows, DSOT does have overdubbing! NOT completley live and I prefer complete live albums, mistakes included.
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IMHO P.U.L.S.E is a lot better and it is completely live
slightly false Pulse is more overdubbed then DSOT
DSOT needs remastering, and that's all there is to it. Seeing as this year marks it's 20th anniversary, now would be the perfect time......complete with bonus tracks!

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