I`m really the only one who likes the DSOT album?
I see often that many fans dislike the DSOT live album very extremly. I often wonder if I could be really the only floyd fan which enjoys this album (in fact I like it almost better than PULSE).

For me it`s maybe lesser perfect and maybe lesser true to the studio albums but for that it sounds (at least for my ears) more live than PULSE. Harder and rougher than usual. And it has my altime favourite version of Confortably Numb.

IĀ´m really curious: IĀ´m the onyl one who likes this album? And why itĀ´s so unpopular (even with fans who are not completly against the Roger-less Floyd)?
well, DSOT is great, but PULSE has the whole DSOTM and personally I like the songs from The Division Bell more than the songs from AMLOR
I love them both, they're both fabulous imho.
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Well I do not have the Pulse album so by default Delicate Sound Of Thunder is one of the best live Pink Floyd albums in my collection.
I saw performances of that tour twice so when I do listen to it, I have some memories of the live experience. But I must admit that in the past 20 years, some of that experience and the tracks from that album have lost a bit of their shine for me.
Is There Anybody Out There? gets a little more love from me these days but DSOT is still a good live album from the boys.
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I've honestly listened to DSOT so little that I'm not sure which songs I liked. I do remember thinking it was pretty good, but I think I like Pulse better just because it has more of TDB which is much better than AMLOR imo.
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I really liked the video. It was once part of my complete unbalanced weekend. I loved that it was very smoky and atmospheric and conveyed the feeling of rock show impairment excellently. rocker And I was shocked to learn that this is exactly why a lot of people trash it.

They don't even like the arrangement of Money with the slow funky part where the girls go hoo and then Dave brings it back to life with that riff from Steppin' Out, which fits perfectly. But I thought Money was brilliant on DSoT.

And I don't care what anyone else thinks. I still say Dogs of War is one of their top five retreads of One of These Days ever. woah

(And if you don't know what Steppin' Out is, it's an old blues number by James Bracken that Eric Clapton used to destroy utterly. I heard that after playing this they had to bury Clapton's guitar, which was hard because it wouldn't stop twitching. Wacko) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_1hPyPnK...re=related
I always thought that the performances on DSOT sounded a bit tired. They got a lot more dynamic later on.
I've always liked DSOT too; that octave-doubled bass solo and the call-and-response in Money is the bomb! The whole album feels good; the band is just fantastic (that is really what I think rocker) and the whole thing just sounds organic and real.
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I love this album - the guitar sounds much rawer, and the Money performance is phenomenal, I just love the improvised section.

And that Cream performance is great in my opinion . . .
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IĀ´ve never heard the record, IĀ´ll have to admit, but I love the video. ItĀ´s full of energy and the boys seem to have a lot of fun.
I, too, think that the version of Money is great and IĀ´ve never understood why so many people dislike Dogs of War. That one comes out really strong live.
I belong to the minority that prefers AMLOR to TDB.

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