how to get somewhere close to Gilmour's tone?????
PaulM Wrote:
Robosteve Wrote:Not to question your use of the phrase or anything, but why do you say "not to call you out or anything" and then call him out?

Why do you wish to question my phrasing? Have you anything to contribute to this thread?

My point is that I am not calling him a liar ("calling him out"), just wondering what he meant by "filled with errors". Asking someone to clarify a point does not constitute "calling out".

Clear now?

Well i might have exagerated but its only minor flaws.
But for me if it isnt 100 accurate i wont class it as good.

On page 18 and 23 there are two pictures of David without any text but they appear to be from the Bath Festival in June 1970. However, these are both from Sydney, Australia August 15. 1970, which is described on page 32. The show was filmed and aired in the program "Get to Know". David is seen using both a Binson II and a Binson PE, which he didn't do again until 1975.

On page 26 there's a picture of Pink Floyd performing Atom Heart with a brass and choir section. David is seen with the brown Telecaster. The picture is dated Lyon, France June 1970. This is wrong. The picture is from Lyon France June 12 1971 and it's an interesting shot of David's typical 1971 rig with the HH IC-100 solid state amp and the Leslie 147.

On page 55 there's a spread of Pink Floyd without text but it's indicated that this is from Hollywood bowl or generally from the 1972 tour. I'm not too sure where the picture is from, but you can see Dave's pedal board but no circular screen, which indicates that the picture is from 1973.

Worth mentioning? Probably not... but I couldn't resist

An example...Phil clearly states that the guitar has the original Pots (Two of them) and the Neck and Middle pickups are original....however, the pot dates date to 1972 while the pickups also date to I ask you was Fender that good to put 1972 electronics on a 1970-71 guitar?
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