Voivod doing Astronomy Domine
They also did Nile song, but no video apparrently.

I know there was a group called Romeo Void but why does Vovoid come to mind?
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chromeboomerang Wrote:They also did Nile song, but no video apparrently.


I saw Voivod play live once--I think they were opening for Soundgarden. They played Astronomy Domine--it was a pleasant surprise, and very well done. I was also surprised about how well they managed to do it without the keyboard part. I bought the cassette of the album that has their version of Astronomy Domine--pretty good album, too. They have kind of an experimental, progressive metal sound.
I dunno what Voivod means. It does apparrently mean something as this topic was mentioned in a short film about them. the answer however was not disclosed.

The album was The outer Limits Mab, ( came with 3-d glasses). My alltime favorite of theirs. Amazing prog metal. They sound like no one else. The only part I miss is the doodla doodla doodla vocal? thing on Astronomy Domine.

Jason Newsted said on MTV;This band could blow Metallica off any day of the week, or something to that effect.

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