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I do like that, Jonny. You see what results you can have when you load film correctly. Just a little humor.
Here's one of my accomplishments today:
[Image: 49faaebb-1.jpg]
Reminds of some illustration from one of those calenders you get for free at the drug store.
For the past year I have really gotten addicted to often cropping images in this panoramic fashion.
that's a pretty nice looking picture. Nice color.
drk229 Wrote:Ooh question to anyone (probably "dad"). I have the pentax k1000, a 28-80mm lens,a pretty small flash, a strap, an 85-200mm (I think, too lazy to look) lens, film, and batteries to fit into a bag. So, any ideas for a cheap bag that would fit everything, and maybe a little room for expansion.

Some Other Jackass Wrote:drk229, do you think you want a backpack/sling style bag or a shoulder bag?

The Pentax sling goes for about $40 in a few places online.
I have a small shoulder bag that measures 10" long, about 6" deep and 5" wide with a flap over the top a zippered pocket on the front, zipper mesh pocket inside in the top and one velcro divider that might give you a tad more room for your k1000. I might have had the same set up as you now have in this bag at one point as well.

Here is one of the bags I used for my cameras for a long while.
For $16, they really are a useful bag.
I have a 70-210 zoom on my K1000 and just measured the height at 5 1/2 inches when you lay it on it's back in the main compartment of the bag. The padded, velcro divider allows you to have room for anything else next to the camera.
You should think about this bag drk229.

Also the Canon backback I typed a bit about:
Fantasic bag for the price with an ocean of room. You are not yet ready for this bag, but someday... Someday.
I feel like this vignetting.
[Image: 2992822573_e7f249ba63.jpg?v=0]
drk229 Wrote:I feel like this vignetting.
[Image: 2992822573_e7f249ba63.jpg?v=0]

I think you forgot a " ] " on the end there, buddy.
So I fixes it and my post works somehow.
1957 Chevrolet Bel Air is my guess due to the rubber bumper guards and chrome hood toppers.
Next time try getting in close or change angle a bit and include the entire car in is state of complete abandonment.
I think I could of been closer, but this side of the car is the best to take because all the other sides would either see some box trucks, or a house. This way it looks REALLY abandoned.

Mind you, this is at my house.
[Image: 2993669688_714e88d5ea.jpg?v=0]
drk229 Wrote:Mind you, this is my house.
[Image: 2993669688_714e88d5ea.jpg?v=0]

Still... it could be worse. Your house could be a dark blue '85 Escort.
And that driver's door and front fender could be filled with 200 grain buck shot.

I like this view a little more than the first for a couple of reasons.
As I was waiting for my plane to go home yesterday at John Wayne Airport, I heard this. Fortunately, my camera is carry on....Sooo....

[Image: gooney.jpg]
Messing around with some night photography.

[Image: tree.jpg]
hi - this directed at some other jackass (Hi Happy) or any other knowledgable slr photographers.
quite excited to hear talk of the pentax k1000, as i just bought myself one. im in year 12 and a novice photography student, so i do not require a great big bag of my own ... [yet]. curious to know, do you guys bulk load your own film into the camera or buy the film from shops? and do you prefer black and white or colour when it comes to slr photography?
mine came with a 'national' flash, not sure what kind exactly,and a pentax asahi leathery sort of cover for the camera...
im going to take it with me overseas next year but havent really got quite aquainted with it yet. any tips for the budding photographer?
lots of q's here i know!

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