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My longest lens so far is the 300mm. I think I want to get a longer one at some point, especially since I want to go to a couple airshows.
mikoyan29 Wrote:My longest lens so far is the 300mm. I think I want to get a longer one at some point, especially since I want to go to a couple airshows.

In my opinion, a 300 is good enough. Any longer focal length and you have trouble keeping the aircraft in frame and spend more time just trying to spot a moving plane. You don't need to try to get shots when the aircraft is 2,000 feet above you; just wait a few seconds and it will be in range of the 300 mm. If you went all the way out on a 500mm for instance, you would be very lucky to get close shots of the cockpit or completely fill the frame and risk unflattering shots that cut out wings or tail sections. And then there is the blur you could get just holding the 500 and panning the action.
A satisying 300mm is just fine. If you doubt me, maybe try a 2 X teleconverter on that lens before spending however many hundred on a 500.
I have a manual 500mm and use it on taking shots of the moon from time to time but it is not useful for aircraft in flight. The last airshow I went to I just used my 200mm and have thrilled people with those images.

Taken with a 200mm and cropped some:
[Image: Image00004.jpg]

[Image: 9a1bc626.jpg]

[Image: IMGP0134_00.jpg]
Nice....but I see the same problem I have with my camera.....dust....grrr....

You're probably right. When I was coming back from California, as I was sitting in the airport, I was taking pictures of planes as they were taking off and landing and it worked just fine. The DC-3 shot was priceless.
Some more pictures...
In your collection above for the bridge at night shot, you mention the ghost light images created by the filter. Do you mean that the ultra violet filter was left on the lens?
Some people argue that u.v. filters and nearly all such lens filters make the image that less clear and u.v. filters in particular really serve no purpose.
Protection? That's what lens caps are for. Use a lens hood to reduce stray sunlight from entering.
Now I do at times use a neutral density or polarizor filter but never leave them on the lens permanently.
Just some opinions.
Bring us some photos of the Kellog's plant and Tony The Tiger.

I have yet to spend more than 15 minutes capturing some night scenes. Sure I flirt with the moon from time to time but I always have a hatfull of thoughts I want to send to my camera and some long exposure, night scenes of buildings, traffic and bridges have yet to be approached with this crazy K10D.

Hand held and through hotel windows.
Downtown metropolis
[Image: IMGP0201.jpg]
World War I memorial and museum
[Image: LibertyMemorial.jpg]
Night scene shopping area, TV tower, Liberty Memorial, hotels
[Image: IMGP0370.jpg]
I took the filter off. I mainly had it on for lens protection but I figure I can just be careful with the camera. Night shots are fun but can be a pain in the ass. The camera has to be perfectly still. Although people can walk in front when you're taking the picture becuase the exposure is so long.

Those are some nice shots there.
Been busy lately.
Do you by chance have a rock in your left shoe or is your right leg shorter than the left?

I have decided to abandon Kodak's EasyShare software I used for basic edits and image managing in favor of Picasa 3.
I have over 10,000 images linked with the EasyShare programs started from the days of my first digital point and shoot up to last week's use of the K10D and I get nothing but errors and interuptions to the workflow with the EasyShare for some reasons.
I have this 750 GB external hard drive and to it I uploaded Picasa 3 for the future of all our digital images. My first impressions of the software are:
Some Other Jackass Wrote:"Cool!"
You might benefit from it's ease in use of tools and horizontal orientation tool. That's all I'm saying.
I don't edit my photos very much and have never used PhotoShop or Lighthouse. I just want very basic editing and storage controls and I have found some other useful tools that will be fun with the Picasa.
I love the top photo of the city SOJ, where is that exactly? The clouds look eerie amongst all those tall buildings, very cool. rocker
Some of these pictures were taken under duress (namely it was frickin' cold outside), so I wasn't paying much attention as I was lining them up. Plus I'm still getting used to the new camera.

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