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How about a tripod? Any ideas Dad? I don't need something super dooper quality, just something to hold the camera steady.
I have been wondering how you were doing. The kid gets two different camera systems and forgets all about his old man.
Listen I am pretty frugal when it comes to a lot of things and I have never spent much money on tripods. For one reason or another I have four full size tripods, two tiny table tops and one monopod but two of the tripods were given to me.
In my opinion you are right to suggest that at this point nearly any tripod will serve you well. Of course it cannot be so poorly constructed or light weight that it is not going to hold the weight of your K1000 or any camera and keep it steady when the wind blows but you need not spend $100 on one either.
Just look for one in the low part of your budget and you should be good
I thought Jonny might like to see these next time he comes around.
[Image: IMGP0195.jpg]

[Image: IMGP0248-1.jpg]

[Image: IMGP0224-1.jpg]

[Image: IMGP0165.jpg]
I am selling some gear and wanted to share some of the images.
See kids what you can do with a cardboard box, some tracing paper and a few sheets of poster board! Makes film cameras a little sexy. Don't it?
Remember, don't try highlights like this at home. Someone could get hurt.
Now all you young adults, go to your mothers' purses, get $45 and mail it to your good old uncle Some Other Jackass.
I noticed a small fracture in my digital camera last evening so while it is under service contract, I submitted it for repairs. Which means I will miss it very much in the next three weeks. Until such time, I will go back and shoot some film using the three cameras above.
I wanted to shoot some film in those anyway so I can accurately describe their conditions when I list them for sale. So since the K10 is out for a time, I just might get excited and shoot two rolls of film in each camera.
I have taken an interest in shooting macro recently. I borrowed my cousin's 100mm macro and took some shots of water droplets and coins.
[Image: IMGP0087-1-1.jpg]

[Image: IMGP0343.jpg]
The bug bit me so I tested a 50mm lens reversed and held up to the body of the K10 and liked the simple results. The following were handheld by the way. Tripods will be used in the future
50mm reversed - no cropping:
[Image: IMGP0016-1.jpg]

35-80mm reversed - no cropping
[Image: IMGP0032.jpg]

[Image: IMGP0065.jpg]
So I then ordered a macro adapter ring, used to mount two lenses face to face for macro shots. I put a manual 50mm on the end of a 250mm to get some interesting close focus images. The depth of field is nearly razor thin.
The watch as shot with a 50mm lens in proper mount:
[Image: IMGP0020.jpg]
The watch as shot with the 50mm lens reverse mounted to a 250mm.
[Image: IMGP0019.jpg]
A reversing ring is also on the way. This is screwed on the front of the lens so it connects to the camera body in reverse and also produces crazy macro shots. Lastly, I have a set of macro extension tubes also on the way. This also works on any lens to move the focal point further away to magnify the image. Most of these tricks leave you with little distance from the subject to the lens where most true tele zoom macro lenses may come in handier but all three combined cost much less than a macro lens.
Nice pics SOJ !! I loved the water ones :)
Hey MiG29, if you have been paying attention to business news, Ritz/Wolf Camera has filed Chapter 11 and will close about half of their stores. If you have one in your area and the store is closing, they have most stuff only 10% off right now but I saw some interesting sales on old stock as well. But call first. Much like the Circuit City sales, with the discounts and all sales being final, you may be better off with some online or other local stores.

I have always been disappointed with Ritz/Wolf but I am dismayed to see one less place someone can physically inspect camera gear and perhaps have questions answered.

My store has a Pentax mount Sigma 35-80mm with macro for $25. Now that I have thought about it, I may call later to see if they still have it and either turn it around on eBay or play with it for a little while. I already have that focal range fully covered but the low price and macro capabilities have me wondering.

And those who shoot film may want to notice the Fuji stock when next you go to Target. It appears they are removing the Fuji film from their inventories and a box of film is about half of what it normally is because of the clearance. I shot about 12 rolls of film while my digital was being repaired.

After looking through the discounted film at Target, I got a few boxes that had the oldest expiration dates. A dollar a roll of film is pretty good for Fuji.
I still think the best camera i have used is a 99p desposible from argos none of that electronical technical stuff ... my girlfriend and photography is another matter, why cant anyone switch a camera on and take a photo its all this autofucs and shutter speed.

Too techincal for my liking.
The past few times I've been in Ritz hasn't impressed me that much, which is why they are closing half their stores, I suppose.
I get to be the "class photographer" for my class next week in DC. Just mean's I'd do what I'd normally do but with a sweet camera.
drk229 Wrote:I get to be the "class photographer" for my class next week in DC. Just mean's I'd do what I'd normally do but with a sweet camera.

Aaay - heeey, Jonny! Howzit goin'?

I changed the stock focus screen of my K10 to a split prism yesterday. It makes focusing manually so much easier and quicker.
I really do recommend them if you do any manual focusing and it is very simple to do with the Pentax digitals anyway.

Jonny, in another six months when you come to the forum and read this, you will be interested to know that while my digital was out, I used my K1000 for three rolls in a week. It was quite a bit different being so use to this bigger digital body but it did not take long to get adjusted and I could play old school.
I took out my auto focus cameras after that as well.
Hey give me a message if you want to buy some gear for you K1000 or want an auto focus film slr. I can offer you some good prices and favorable conditions. Or you can wait for the stuff to show up on eBay.

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