***AMAZING!!!*** - The Nile Song
That song is amazing, it's hard to belive that it was written, and performed in 1969, AMAZING!!!! Way ahead of it's time, I mean it's like hard rock, like Matalica or something. I LOVE IT! rocker rocker rocker
Yup, it's a great song...very..non-Floyd.
The_Madcap Wrote:Yup, it's a great song...very..non-Floyd.
I agree VERY non-Floyd, BUT still a great song.
I knowwwwwwwww! That song does NOT sound dated AT ALL.

Nice song. :)
man, i LOVE that song so much! i agree as well, very non-floyd.
they shoulda done a lot more songs like that, i like it.

you know what other song i found to be not very floyd? biding my time. and i love that song beyond belief. i think they should have done more songs like that as well. SO DAMN AMAZING!!!!!!!!
EXCACTLY, I agree 100%!!! Relics is a forgoten album, nobody every talks about it, and there are some great, and amazing songs on there, too bad it is underrated. (maybe because it was stuck in between medel, and DSOTM)
awesome, awesome song...it could be released today and be a hit...and moved to Albums ;)
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Very good song...the first time my sister heard it she said "is this Nirvana?" Quite funny. I also agree that Biding My Time is a fantastic song. It's kind of like they threw all the stuff they wrote that was distinctly "not" them onto Relics, along with some past hits for the initial draw.
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Yeah, the first time I heard "The Nile Song" I felt the same way, I even send it to a friend saying like "man! This was recorded in the 60s!!!!"
Relics is an amazing album. Julia Dream made me cry the first time I heard. SO beautiful.
yeha nile song's great. another one on the "more" album similar to it is "ibiza bar." and as for biding my time... i love that one too! so jazzy

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