4 most significant keyboard rock bands.
That is, rock bands that featured keyboards/synth etc.

Off the top of my head, bands like Boston, Floyd, Kansas & Deep Purple come to mind.

But there are other bands that have made thier mark with em in their own unique way. Yes, Styx & even Devo. The Doors & Uriah Heep also had an impact.
Emerson, Lake & Palmer.
Could also add Kraftwerk, Ultravox and Depeche Mode.
Not so much Rock but OMD is a firm favourite of mine, well the albums anyway, didn't really like the 'chart' music, too poppy, I guess the same for Gary Numan.
Early Roxy Music.
Horse the Band and Arsonists Get All the Girls have some pretty sweet, intense keyboard action. But that's "grindcore" music.
Pink Floyd aren't really a "keyboard rock band".... There's not that much keyboard work on Floyd albums that stands out or is particularly significant.

Some better examples:

The Nice
I would say Can, but they weren't really a extremely keyboard heavy band. Anyway, other bands that come to mind:

-The Doors (Manzarek played a key part in the Doors sound)
-The Who (would synths count as keyboards?)
-Procol Harum
Pink Flow Wrote:Could also add Kraftwerk, Ultravox and Depeche Mode.
I dunno about the others, but Kraftwerk is by no means a rock band.
1.) Pink Floyd
2.) The Doors
3.) Deep Purple
4.) Emerson, Lake & Palmer

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