The 100 million club. Rock bands that is.
Classic Rock has Deep Purple on the cover, & it mentions over 100 million in album sales worldwide. Did not know they were that far up the sales ladder. I know Metallica & AC/DC, Floyd along with Zep had made it. Kiss & Queen also & Beatles naturally. Who else? Aerosmith?

Add to that 100 million records sold and it would seem thereā€™s little left to accomplish.

Tull comes in at around 60 mil.

With 60 million albums sold and over 2500 concerts played in 40 countries

Despite the fact that the majority of the group's material was never researched, audited and certified, ELO collected 21 RIAA awards, 38 BPI awards, and sold over 100 million albums worldwide,

Beatles the only band to sell over 100 mil in US alone according to this site anyways.
Floyd. Duh hmm

Elvis (over 1bil)
The Who
Rod Stewart
Phil Collins
David Bowie
Bon Jovi
Guns 'N' Roses
Dire Straits
Iron Maiden
The Rolling Stones
Now I feel really ignorant, but I just have to ask; whoĀ´s Garth Brooks?

Garth is a country artist. & individuals, i.e. Rod Stewart, Phil Collins are rock artists, but not rock bands.
chromeboomerang Wrote:Chicago.

Garth is a country artist. & individuals, i.e. Rod Stewart, Phil Collins are rock artists, but not rock bands.

Searched the tube. Not bad at all.
And good looking as well. Whistling
Outsold Michael Jackson hans't he?
Seems like it. At least in the States. I should think Jackson wins internationally.
Mmmm hmmm. Santana is almost there with 90 mil.

Santana has sold more than 90 million records,

Skynyrd has a ways to go, 30 mil.

VH 80 mil. Speaking of them, the reunion tour did good biz. I had no interest in it myself. reports that the Van Halen reunion tourā€”which drew 1 million people to 74 shows and ended this past Aprilā€”grossed more than $93 million, the highest-earning tour in Van Halen history.

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