Would you re-buy Pink Floyd albums if they were remastered with bonus tracks?
OK, so recently, from around 2003 Yes' albums have been "Remastered & Expanded", with greatly improved audio over the 80s/90s remastered CDs and bonus tracks. Some of them have been made into mini-vinyl sets, others just simple jewel cases.

So, who here would buy remastered Floyd albums if they also included bonus tracks (single b-sides, radio edits, demos, unreleased songs from the album's period), and weren't part of a box-set, AND were in a mini-vinyl form with a sleeve and new liner notes in the booklets? And how much would you expect to pay for them?

I'd buy them again if they did it. All of them. Even the live albums.

I'd probably expect to pay around Ā£8-9 for them and maybe Ā£10-12 for the double albums.
They should do what they did with the Genesis re-issues (they came with an extra DVD of live footage from the period and band interviews), but also with the bonus tracks. That would be swell. Then again, I would probably buy them again anyway, since quite a few of them are pretty damaged. Just as long as they're in a decent price range ($30-$50 would be fine).
I would only buy certain albums I think. A remastered edition of More with 'extra tracks' would seem even less satisfying than the original album, for example . . .
Not if they released them on CD. However, I would buy a DVD-Audio release, provided none of the optional DRM mechanisms were activated so I could rip it to FLAC, in a heartbeat (no pun intended). Of course, I don't really expect any of the record companies of today to release DRM-free DVD-Audio discs, so I guess the only way I'd buy them again is if I came across a vinyl copy in good condition.

And Chris, don't you be hatin' on More.
I would be more tempted to buy some of my more favorite albums such as The Final Cut, The Wall and The Darkside Of The Moon provided that there were loads of bonus material and superb packaging.
But to be direct, I think I am in a place in my life where I feel that the Floyd collection I have now is satisfying enough. As I say, it would take some really great packaging and unreleased, bonus tracks or film footage for me to buy the above mentioned albums. Just like the announced Beatles collection though, if it were released and the excitement struck me in the right place...
It would be great for some of the fans and those who are not yet fans though. I think that last collection looked great and was certainly attractive and I thought about picking one up more than once but sometimes reason gets the better part of me. But when I was your age, wouldda snatched one up very quickly indeed.
I'm not saying I hate it, I'm saying I wouldn't waste an extra Ā£10 on an album I don't particularly like and already have. Likewise with A Momentary Lapse of Reason, Ummagumma e. t. c - I rarely listen to them, so what would be the point in repurchasing them?

And on the actual idea, although it would be nice, I get the idea that the band members are not that enamoured with the idea of issuing rare tracks e. t. c. There are, quite rightly, some albums that all of them have conceded to not liking, so I can't see that they would be involved heavily in the process.
The bonus tracks wouldn't really appeal to me. I almost never listen to bonus tracks. The only real exception is Van der Graaf Generator's Pawn Hearts, because those bonus tracks are amazing.
Don't need them, but having said that if they released ANYTHING new I'd buy it!
No, because the 90s masters sound great. Re-remasters usually sound like garbage because they are over-compressed. (examples Doors 1999 vs 2007, 90s Zeppelin vs 2007 Mothership, Pearl Jam Ten vs 2009 remaster)

Now if Floyd would release the b-sides, bbc sessions, and broadcast quality shows/video from archives yes.

SACD versions of WYWH, Animals, and The Wall would also be nice.

Honestly, this band does not have much un-released studio material.
There are many, many songs which evolved over the years, so while not many "new" studio versions exist there are many songs which were played live that could be included.

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