PULSE drum set
Hi all, first post here. I've been trying to track down what all Nick used during the Division Bell tour. All I've been able to dig up on it so far is this:

DW 10-Piece Drumset with Paiste Hi-Hats (2), Crash Cymbals (8), Ride Cymbals (2), China Cymbals (2), & Splash Cymbals (3)
Remo Roto Toms (10-Piece)
Dauz Electronic Drums
Paiste Gongs
Remo Drum Heads

Anyone up to guessing sizes and the like?
Instrument and Equipment Information
Premier 4-Piece Drumset with Paiste Hi-Hats (2) and Ride Cymbal; 1964-1966 Premier 7-Piece Drumset with Paiste Hi-Hats (2), Crash Cymbals (2), Ride Cymbal (1967-1973)
Premier 9-Piece Drumset with Paiste Hi-Hats (2), Crash Cymbals (3), Ride Cymbal, China Cymbal (1975)
Premier 7-Piece Drumset with Paiste Hi-Hats (2), Crash Cymbals (3), Ride Cymbal, and China Cymbal; 1977
Premier 6-Piece Drumset with Paiste Hi-Hats (2), Crash Cymbals (2), Ride Cymbal, and China Cymbals (2)
Ludwig 8-Piece Drumset with Paiste Hi-Hats (2), Crash Cymbals (5), Ride Cymbal, China Cymbals (2), and Splash Cymbals (2); 1983-1990
DW 10-Piece Drumset with Paiste Hi-Hats (2), Crash Cymbals (8), Ride Cymbals (2), China Cymbals (2), & Splash Cymbals (3); 1994
Remo Roto Toms (3-Piece); 1968-1972, 1980-1983
Remo Roto Toms (5-Piece); 1973-1977
Remo Roto Toms (7-Piece); 1987-1990
Remo Roto Toms (10-Piece); 1994
Dauz Electronic Drums; 1994
Paiste Gongs; 1967-1994 (Note: Gongs most frequently used by Roger Waters until 1980)
Remo Drum Heads; 1964-1994
Bongos; 1968-1972
Chimes; 1967
5 piece Premier Drum kit and Paiste cymbals on all studio recordings (1967-75)
For live he used Premier (1967-late 1969)
Ludwig 7 piece drum kits and Paiste Cymbals (1970-1977, live tours only)
6 piece Ludwig Drum Kit with Paiste cymbals for The Wall Shows (1980-1981)
That's the list I pulled from. I was wondering if we could maybe get drum sizes, because I searched and I can't find anything about a 10-piece DW set.
6 toms (8", 10", 12", 13", 14", 16")
1 snare (14")
1 temp. snare (10")
plus 17 cymbal,
2 bass kicks

As much as i can pin point
We're getting there then, man. Thanks for what you've gotten. :)
Nice post over here delving into the entire setup.

Pasite Only forum
Quote:Just watching the Pink Floyd PULSE DVD here (arrived in the post today ) so I thought I'd get a couple of screen grabs of Mason:

[Image: pulse1qq6.jpg]
[Image: pulse2tb1.jpg]
[Image: pulse3dg7.jpg]

He has a ton of cymbals (more than usual) and they are not red ink 2oo2's. This is probably either 1) the light makes the ink look black 2) they are Sigs and not 2oo2s or 3) they are special ones for the concert. ("prominent" logos? :p )

The cymbals themselves have no logos on the top (see last pic) but the hammering pattern makes me think they are 2oo2's. Plus, they do definately sound 2oo2-ish!

He has 7 crash cymbals, 1 hi hat, 1 ride, 1 china and a large splash on the left of the kit. I think they are: (left to right)

14" 2oo2 Crash (the "large splash")
18" 2oo2 Medium
14" 2oo2 Heavy Hi Hats
18" 2oo2 Crash / 18" 2oo2 Medium
19" 2oo2 Crash / 19" 2oo2 Crash
20" 2oo2 Crash
20" 2oo2 Ride
20" 2oo2 Medium
20" 2oo2 China (out of shot)

Huge set up though, a few similar/repeated cymbals as he does a fair few "double hits" on cymbals to strengthen the sound etc. Great DVD too, would recommend it to anyone

good article
Welcome Q. Thank you and to pinkfloydfan1 for this information. I used to drum and I will be going back to it, and it's always great to see setups, types of drums, cymbals etc. I would love to get a copy of Modern Drummer magazine with a special NM feature, but have failed to find one so far. I don't know what size and types of drumsticks he has used. I still have my 5a's.
Hi folks

My first post here, although I have been viewing this great forum for a few years.

I have been fortunate to be able to meet with Nick a few times over the past six months and have also acquired some of the drums used on The Division Bell / PULSE tour of 1994.

Nick still has (and uses) his DW Exotic Bird's Eye Maple kit, while I now own a large section of the identical kit that Gary Wallis used on the tour.

I am happy to answer specific questions if I can while I have also tried to document the history and full details about the kit at www.pinkfloyddrums.com.

I am always looking for additional information and photos, especially rare or unseen shots of either Nick or Gary's kits (Nick has said he will go through his archive some time for me) so would be pleased to hear from anyone who has or knows of any images.

I am delighted and honoured to be able to play one of Pink Floyd's own kits in one of the leading tribute bands, Time To Breathe and I look forward to perhaps meeting some of you at our future shows around Europe that are currently being planned.
Enjoyed reading throught your website piece of adive would be to try and put a diffrent laout i foudn that all a bit too jumbled up for my liking.
Liam Creedon - Session Musician / Tutor

Lead Guitarist of Wish You Were Floyd

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