Post Your Instruments!
Post your instruments here,weather it be Guitar,Bass,Drums,Trombonem,or Synth

[Image: Guitar.jpg]
I think there's already a post with this purpose, you should try searching. I'm not 100% sure though, sorry if I'm wrong. I don't play any instruments anyway Sad
I didn't see one...
Well I guess I was wrong, but I swear I used to visit a thread with tons of pictures of people posting guitars and stuff, might have been The Notebook, who knows? There's a post on intrsuments made by Dylof though, but it's not quite the same. Sorry Sad
I can't post a picture, but i can describe it. it is a cream anson strat copy, with maple fretboard. i use a fender deluxe85 transistor combo and boss CE2 and PH1 pedals.
Theres a thread on the last few pages exactly the same as this.
yeah, pretty much the same thing as

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