Didn't see that coming http://www.tmz.com/.
Whoa... Same, didn't see it coming....
Heard he was in bad shape, but I didn't think he'd be die so soon. Weird.


Can't be too sure... On CNN they're still saying he's hospitalized.
CNN just reported he's in a coma...6.20 PM EST
Yup. But the LA Times and CBS reported he died a few minutes ago....
CNN just confirmed his death 6:47 PM EST
its on bbc news 24 i dont know wht to make of it to be honest few places are still claiming hes in hospital..
Yeah, just saw that. Very unexpected, to tell the truth.
what the hell
Yes. Confirmed dead. Aged 50. Cardiac arrest.
Whether preparing for that gargantuan run of 50 London dates at the O2 Centre (due to start next month) put an extra strain on him is another matter......he hadn`t played live for over a decade, so maybe it did.
It`s a shock. Whatever your musical taste, or views on his child-like eccentricities, icons don`t get any bigger.
It`s weird, but I always had a feeling he would never complete those dates (I never thought it would be because of his death, though).
Innocent like OJ, child molesters don't RIP....sorry. Members of the American media are making this freak out to be Ghandi.
Who was dragged down by the stone.


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