Roger Waters in his Prime
Always thought his best prime was from Animals to Pros and Cons. His vocal dynamics to me are so much more superior (although not as commercial) as Gilmour's vocal style. His soft singing is intimate and sincere as if he's actually singing to the listener (us) while his angry, loud vocals are more of conveying to the audience his anger and despair. His voice to me was always a high and one of his most unique trademarks. Roger's vocals are extremely unique and one of a kind. A little getting used to? Sure. But worth the patience...Definitely! I don't recall any singers or bands whose singing sounds like Waters. Shame Plant got imitated so much in the 80's (but no one came close!) A little Shatner-ego to his style? Sure. But that's what makes him great. Over time, people will appreciate his contributions and singing more so than the guy who sounds like so and so.

His bass arrangements have always been a high in floyd, but only secondary to the albums. Rick's keyboards was a must for floyd as was gilmour's guitar playing. I always thought Mason was a decent drummer but nobody to call home to. His style did fit Floyd though! It's funny to me that even though he's considered a bass player i think he put more music influence in the band than anyone such as the use of saxophones (which works OH SO WELL with Floyd) background singers, orchestral arrangements in the album and film soundtrack of the Wall. His bass playing can either be very catchy or very distinct and "unpredictable".

His songwriting was the best in Amused to Death. The Final Cut, DSOTM and Wish all come second. Animals and The Wall come in third. But all are very good and should be so overrated! Even Meddle and Obscured by Clouds are wonderful. And "If".

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