Song title game
put the song title in a sentance for example

"I would like to "see emily play" "
"I am "Fearless"
Ahem BATTY rocker
"El tiempo es dinero"

In English: Time is Money
Sorry "Not Now John" I'm too busy
Ahem BATTY rocker
I am a pilot "Learning to Fly"
Make em laugh,
Make em cry,
Make em dance in the isles
Make em pay
Make em stay
Make em feel ok!
I am very "Comfortably Numb"
Waiting outside for a show to start is a true exercise in patience, but it's always worth it When You're In
"Are you still there? Speak To Me, come on, Breathe.." This happened last time Pink was On The Run. He had ran out of Time. Then, the Great Gig In The Sky ended - in need of Money, of course. That is the difference between Us And Them though...We give the option to have Any Colour You Like, and in return they say I have.......Brain Damage? I guess some are just blinded by the Eclipse from The Dark Side Of The Moon
"There's no dark side of the moon, really. Matter of fact, it's all dark"

On The Run Like Hell:The Dark Side Of The Wall
I told my old friend "WISH YOU WERE HERE"
A bear was chasing me, so I had to RUN LIKE HELL. <- Pink Floyd Forum
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