The Notebook v. 3.0
I look forward to hearing the DETAILS of your trip Eric haha Thumbsup
PFO got the rapesies.

Over and out.
(01-22-2010, 04:02 PM)Three Different Ones Wrote: bout to head to breakfast...7 days till the longest day of my life

fun fact, I leave Hong Kong at 12 something pm here, and get back to Seattle at 11 something am

Don't let the jet lag give you the rapesies, Eric!
full details, I presume? As is always the case =P
I wouldn't expect anything less Eric. You know me! Wink
PFO got the rapesies.

Over and out.
Mini-Wheats. Are. Awesome.
Indeed, I do, Sarah! Indeed, I do..haha, alll too well =p

and I'll try Brad, but jet lag is prolly gonna give me the rapesies hardcore.
You should be fine if you just eat a nice breakfast/lunch before you go and then sleep if you can most of the trip there.
Probably too well haha!
PFO got the rapesies.

Over and out.
Yeah, but the problem is..we have two flights

Hong Kong ---> Seoul, Korea (i'm estimating around 3-4 hours), then from Seoul, Korea to Seattle, which will be around 11..and I hate sleeping on a plane..some of the worst sleep ever
I hate it too, I didn't know about about you, though. You always end getting the stiff back-sies.

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