Instruments played on PF songs

Does anybody know where I could find a list of every PF song with the instruments that were played on them? Particularly Rick's organs and keyboards, and I'd like to know what guitars Gilmour used as well

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Wikipedia. I'm serious; every song has a full & cited list.

Edit: Oops, didn't read well. Well, your need doesn't exist. Studio equipment is almost never made public. The best it gets is when Gilmour or Waters matter-of-factly mention an instrument during an interview.
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on the 'dogs' solos DG plays a telecaster run through a leslie.
on 'run like hel'l DG plays a telecaster or his vintage broadcdaster with a delay or 2.
on 'ABITW' part 2 DG plays a gold top les paul with p 90 pick ups .
on 'sorrow' DG plays a fender strat with emg active pick ups. he later stopped using these b/c they are 'too fat', they don't sound like a 50's strat. with the clear high end on pole piece pickups.
on 'Money' he plays a full 2 octave guitar with humbuckers made by evans. It can be seen in use on the studio segments on PF in Pompeii.
On 'marooned' he uses a digitech whammy pedal to get those huge swoops & intervals.
on Great gig on the sky his lap steel is tuned to open g but he kept the high E as E and not D so as to be able to play minor chords too.
I play it on my new CD in standard tuning on a G and L tele on my knee.
I posted a list of Rick's keyboards some where on here, but I will post it again.

PIANO'S most of Rick's "model" piano's are based on what studio he was playing in at the time.
Steinway & Sons Concert D Grand Piano - Owned by Abbey Road Studios
Yamaha Concert C Grand Piano - Owned by Britannia Row Studios
Steinway & Sons Baby Grand - As seen during the 'Live @ Pompeii' concert

Farfisa Combo Compact Organ - 1965 to 1967
Farfisa Combo Compact Duo Organ - 1967 to 1972/ 2006 to 2007 (Gilmour Tour)
Hammond M101 Organ & Leslie 145 (Overdriven) - 1968 to 1972
Hammond RT-3 Organ & Leslie 122 - 1972/72 - 1975, owned by Abbey Road Studios
Hammond C-3/B-3 Organ & Leslie 122 - 1972 to 2008

From what I can tell based on photographs, in the 1970s Rick used Hi-Watt heads for his Electric Piano's and Synthesizers.

Fender Rhodes (Suitcase) Mark I - 1972 to 1976
Rhodes (Stage ) Mark I through Satellite Speakers - 1977 to 1981
Wurlitzer 200 (Blonde) Electric Piano - 1972 to 1975 owned by Abbey Road Studios
Wurlitzer 200A (Black) Electric Piano - 1972 to 1979
Hohner D6 Clavinet - 1975 to 1979

Mellotron M400 - 1968 to 1970
EMS VCS3 Synthesizer - 1971 to 1972
EMS VCS3 Synthi-A/AKS - 1972 to 1979
MiniMoog Model D Synthesizer - 1973 to 1979
ARP 2500 Synthesizer - 1972 used on the 'Obscured by Clouds' sessions owned by "Strawberry Studios"
ARP Solina IV Synthesizer - 1975 to 1977
ARP Quadra Synthesizer - 1979 to 1981
SCI Prophet V Sytnthesizer - 1979 - 1981, Rick's first Polyphonic Synths.

Farlight Synthesizer - 1984
Roland Juno X - 1987 to 1990
Kurzweil Synthesizer - 1987 to 1990 not sure which model it was
Kurzweil K2000 - 1993 to 1994
Kurzweil Synthesizer - post 1994 again not sure of the model
Kurzweil Rack Moduals - 1987 to 2008
Have a look at a site called Gilmourish. It'll tell what guitars, amplification and effects David used throughout his caree.
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Thats not entirely correct.

The whole of animals was recorded on a telecaster with a gibson paf humbucker in the neck. using the old wall pdalboard while a new one was being made for the tour.

Run like hell was recorded with a Fender Baritone and 2 digital delays, One running in 4/4 and the other in 3/4.

The rythm section of ABITW Pt2 was done on a Fender Strat with serial number 0001.

Sorrow was recorded with a Steinberger guitar using a boss hm 2 it was then fed through Floyds live pa and mixed into the final track.
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