Comfortably Numb from Shine On Box Set
Hello. This is my first post.

I have seen different versions of Comfortably Numb on the Shine On Box Set. Some have the end of Bring the Boys Back Home attached to the beginning (making it approximately 6:49) while others have the regular version (6:21.)

The US promo CD has the track time listed as 6:49 whereas the UK promo CD has the time at 6:21. I used to own the set (US version) many years ago and I'm pretty sure my copy had the regular version. But I have recently seen some versions of the Shine On Box online, with the version of Comfortably Numb being the one with Bring the Boys attached.

I'm just wondering if anyone knows which versions of the Shine On Box Set had which versions of Comfortably Numb? Based on the promo CDs I would think that the US had the longer and the UK had the regular but I'm not sure.

I'm curious because I'm planning on buying the set and want to make sure it has the regular version.

Thank you.

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