New footage of Pink Floyd at Knebworth is found
Many thanks to the people at Brain Damage for sharing this with us.

As most people know, video footage of the band in the 70s is quite rare, as not many of their performances or tours ever had either shows filmed or reported on by news stations in whatever part of the world they were playing in. So this is quite cool. If you don't want to read the article but just want to see the video, here's the YouTube link:
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Sweet! That is Bombin! I read the first link and wtched the second one, thxs Lady Floydian!
Ahem BATTY rocker
This really makes me wonder what else could be out there lurking around...............

It wouldn't surprise me that people have footage but are trying find a buyer. I remember probably 6 or 7 years ago, there were rumors on the boards regarding Knebworth footage. It got really hot and heavy and all of sudden ...nothing. A few pictures come out and that's it. Another hot rumor at the time was the video recording of the 1977 ITF rehersal. I truly believe that '75 & '77 quality footage exists........but its release comes down to how greedy the seller is.
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Who knowes maybe there is unseen footage of them rocking out in a garage...
Ahem BATTY rocker
(12-20-2010, 02:35 PM)DrKole Wrote: Who knowes maybe there is unseen footage of them rocking out in a garage...

And grooving with a Pict
[Image: vRJ86GT.jpg]
That is fantastic footage. Dave looks ballin as always.

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