Roger Waters: "I have no wish to reunite Pink Floyd."

Roger Waters recently did a set on BBC's Desert Island Discs, where he talked at one point, about David and Nick's appearance at the O2 for one of the shows on his tour, and how while he was grateful for the time he spent in the band and the work they did, he has no desire to put the group back together.

Quote:"I'm really glad that I was in that band for the 20 years that I was in it and I really enjoyed it. I think we did some great work together but I have no wish to do it ever again," he commented.

So there's that, I guess.
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Let's keep our hopes up for one or two more solo albums from Roger and/or David then. :-)
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Absolutely. Another solo album from David would be fantastic.
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Yeah, because another Waters album would totally not be fantastic, right?

Whatever happens, I think that although Pink Floyd won't reunite anymore, I'm quite sure that its remaining former members will, in relatively small things like Dave & Roger's concert last year, and Roger's concert a few weeks ago in London. Some time ago, I still wanted them to do another album together, but I've changed my mind on that.
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I'm not a fan of his solo material, so to me I'm not interested in if he makes another solo album or not. I know his fans, of which you count yourself one, hope he does.

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God, Roger is an ass.
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Huh? How is he an ass? He said he doesn't want to get Pink Floyd back together again. That's a reasonable statement for a 66-year old man to make. David has said the same things time and time again since Live 8, does that make him an ass too?
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That's good Rog, because you can't reunite Pink Floyd, you quit, remember?

Personally I really hope for a new solo album from him. His previous ones are remarkable.
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(05-29-2011, 10:19 AM)Joe Wrote: God, Roger is an ass.

umm.... how is he an ass. i dont understand that.
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Let alone the whole "I have no wish to reunite Pink Floyd" thing. It's all stacking up to me, he's being egocentric, he's saying he has no wish to reunite Pink Floyd when he doesn't even have the power to...I've been watching many of his interviews, and they're quite annoying. He keeps picking on Nick the entire time. He's just an ass. I liked him when he was young.
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