lyrics ?
Can anyone make out what's being said to the several species of small fury animals by the bloke w/ heavy Scottish accent,..on Umma Gumma, I can understand some of it. But if you can give me the whole couple paragraphs,..I'll buy lunch.
This is from the Pink Floyd & CO website. Don't know how accurate it is, though. (And, no, you don't owe me lunch.) ;-)

Aye, an' a bit of mackerel, settler rack and down
Ran it down by the home, and I flew
Well, I slapped me and I flopped it down in the shade
And I cried, cried, cried.

The fear a fallen down had taken, never back the raise
And then cried Mary, an' took out wi' your Claymore,
Right outta a' pocket, I ran down, down the mountainside
Back on Battlin the fiery horde that was falling around the feet.

Never! He cried, never shall ye get me alive
Ye rotten hound of the burnie crew!
Well, I snatched fer the blade an' a Claymore cut and thrust,
And I fell doon before him round his feet. Aye!

A roar he cried!
Frae the bottom of his heart
That I would nay fall but as dead,
Dead as I can by a' feet, d'ya ken?

And the wind cried Mary.
Cabbage is a vegetable.
well done my friend,..I could make out "the fiery horde",
& " the wind cried. But the rest,.. no can do.

See if that helps.
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