Pictures: Roger Waters on stage and off
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[Image: tumblr_ln92zqcicC1qh7odco1_400.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_lnmh55SC2E1qm5p0m]

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...our minds shot together.
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[Image: davidgilmoursignbyloudl.jpg]
(signature image courtesy of loud-love @ deviantART)
[Image: roger-waters-graffiti.jpg]
Found this really cool picture of Roger on Tumblr:

[Image: tumblr_lsj1cp4H3k1qew0opo1_500.jpg]

Roger! With the cover of The Division Bell! An album made after he left the band! Random exclamatory sentences!

Although......the more I look at it, the more it appears to be photoshopped. Though if it is, it's very well done.
[Image: davidgilmoursignbyloudl.jpg]
(signature image courtesy of loud-love @ deviantART)
That picture... Wow. Even if it isn't authentic, I think it's amazing.

You're right though. I think it's a photoshopped one -- his fingertips are blurred and the left side of the cover he's holding is a perfect vertical line. Not quite realistic.
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Definitely photoshopped, but it's still good Smile
...our minds shot together.
Looking at the picture any one will identify that it's a photoshopped.But that's a point to be kept apart.the pictures are looking amusing.
It's photoshopped, because I have no clue where the fuck his shoulders are.
Rest in Peace, Billy Mays

Behind a black wall where he stuck his head.
...our minds shot together.

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