Dark Side...Stereo Vs. Quad Vs. SACD
An interesting debate. Which mix of 'Dark Side of the Moon' do you prefer The Orginal Alan Parsons/Chris Thomas Stereo Mix, The Alan Parsons Quadraphonic Mix, or the James Guthrie SACD mix?

I still prefer the original stereo mix, I find it flawless and extremely balanced. The SACD mix is very close behind because it stays true to the stereo mix and it does sound amazing in 5.1. But I find the vocals to be too loud in some spots. The quad mix is too dry and even soft in spots, for instance I love the Rick's Hammond Organ on "The Great Gig in the Sky", "Brain Damage", and "Eclipsed". It gives those songs a sense of build, but on the quad version it's low in the mix. Roger's bass is not that present in the quad mix as well.

I didn't include the Immersion boxed set released "early mix" of "Dark Side", although it's version of 'Us and Them' (which is now my favourite version of that song) with the extended Dick Parry Saxophone is AMAZING. But it's an early mix and not technically an offical release.
I don't have the equipment to listen to SACD or Quad mixes, so I can't comment on those. So by default, I prefer the original stereo mix.
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You do and you don't need the equipment to listen to it. I transfered all the Immersion material on to my computer and with a VLC player I can listen to it with just two speakers. Mind you I have a decent sound card. It is true, to get the full effect you need a good 5.1. set up, but it's not impossible to listen to the mix without having all that, however the quality of the sound is redused with just two speakers.

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