Original Dark Side of the Moon Album release poster
Hi All,
I have a question about an original Dark Side of the Moon album release poster I have. I've never been able to find another example of it anywhere online.

This came out Before the album and was only distributed to select record stores.
It's 40X60"" Black with TWO Prisms and a rainbow in between them.
Upper left says Pink Floyd. Bottom right says Dark Side of the Moon.

Anyone have any information about this very rare poster or what it might be worth?
I spent several hundred on archivally framing it about 15 years ago and my wife still gives me grief for it. ;-)
Prior to that it had never been unrolled. I bought it from a record store that was going out of business and this was stashed in the storage room. The owner told me the record label said it was a "mistake" and didn't want it hung. The final version of hte poster only had the one Prism that everyone's familiar with.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Well, the unrolled version is priceless.......... :)

I researched a few vintage record poster sites and didn't find anything. Maybe try e-bay?
[Image: GVwAGsx.jpg]

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