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I'd like to start a new thread for those who wish to post Pink Floyd related articles, news clippings etc. I subscribe to many international news sources that I filter to receive Pink Floyd related content. I will simply copy and paste certain articles that I find interesting. All I ask is that you include the name of the news source as well as the author, as to give proper credit.

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The Crate: Time by Pink Floyd
Chris Johnston
June 8, 2012

Pink Floyd (1974)

IT'S as if Dark Side of the Moon doesn't or never did need singles. In fact there were two - Money, the famous one, closing the great band's shows as recently as 2005, and Time, much rarer and better and spectacularly backed with Us and Them. What is a single except a businessman's construct to attract more attention to the album, a commodity holding more value? If there was ever an album that didn't need singles because of the way it works as a whole, it is Dark Side and Exile and Let it Bleed and On the Beach, and many more. The ones that just are. Yet, Time. Roger Waters says his big concepts for this record were the things that rule us: money, time, identity and esteem. His idea for Time was his notion that life doesn't begin at some later stage. It is happening now. So a human can never say, in his view and the song's view, that he or she will do that thing later. It is not a case of building up to do a thing. There's a sense of panic in his strangely calm delivery. A line such as ''???½??½ the sun is the same in a relative way but you're older, shorter of breath and one day closer to death ???½??½'' is perhaps the biggest lesson we can learn, no? It might end or go away or disappear. He's framing this as a problem only of his countrymen - ''???½??½ hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way'' - but it's universal and simply cannot be denied. And, of course, the great power of a song such as this is that the music is equally undeniable. David Gilmour is a guitarist I could listen to until one day turns into no days and I no longer exist.
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