Live At Pompeii - QUADRAPHONIC
So finally, the elusive quadraphonic version of "Live at Pompeii" has surfaced.

According to Mark Anderson over at QuadraphonicQuad forums:

"I recently saw a post for Pink Floyd - Pompeii Professionally transferred from a 4-track, 35mm CinemaScope print. This being a much discussed title along with some other movie quad releases, I had to give it a try and am very pleased with the result. Unfortunately the family was home so could not use the sound system to totally scrutinize at the time. Would love to hear others opinions on it's authenticity. Has Anyone run across this?"

"Pink Floyd: Pompeii Discreet Quadraphonic 4.0 DVD-Audio. Professionally transferred from a 4-track, 35mm CinemaScope print on June 28th, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. Audio remastered by "Jimfisheye". DVD-Video, Raw DVD-A, and Bluray releases to follow.

Echoes (Part One)
Careful With That Axe, Eugene
A Saucerful of Secrets
One of These Days (I'm Going to Cut You Into Little Pieces)
Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
Mademoiselle Nobs
Echoes (Part Two)"

here is Mark's post in it's native habitat:

I've given it a single listen, so here are some very quick thoughts on a few tracks from that initial listen. Pompeii I believe is one of those "semi-live" concerts, with studio overdubs in a few places. Anyone feel free to correct me on that though. This particular release is AUDIO ONLY, -no video content present.

Intro - I thought the disc was a "simulated surround" disc at first, because to my ears the drum beats seem to fade in relation to the panning of the synth, or maybe I'm getting old. The second track negates those suspicions.

Echoes pt. 1 - Lots of guitar panning, but the treat here for me are the vocals that are spacious and ethereal. Amphitheatre naturally comes to mind, and probably the mixing engineers too. Good mix.

Set The Controls - My favorite track on this disc, primarily for Roger's multitracked vocals, which spread over the surround field very differently to any stereo mix. You really have to hear them on 4 channels. Others may find them gimmicky, but I think they're cool, a bit like McCartney's in the Quad version of "Let me Roll it". Overall a very spacious, "echoey" track. Nice.

One of these days - The banging that precedes the vocal line comes in from the rear with larger and louder bass range than the rest of the mix, that took me by surprise and made me smile.

Nobs - front phantom harmonica that remains seated, whilst the Mademoiselle echoes throughout the room.

Echoes pt 2. - Shows the sensibility of the mix, given the material, with the "whales" bouncing around the speakers and other odd effects moving in an expected manner. I found myself thinking, "I'd have done that with that too". Has the same cool spacey vocals as Pt. 1.

Overall - The mix at some points sounds almost as if it will go into a stumble, but very quickly recovers it's footing. It is in my opinion a very good surround mix - given it's age (recorded in Oct. 1971), and it's stated source (35mm film print - not a master tape). It probably predates DSOTM's quad mix which I believe was released in '74 along with AHM, making it I believe the oldest OFFICIAL PF quad mix recorded, not 100% sure about that though. There is also a good deal of tape hiss present, and at times some very slight bleeding into the rears. Also certain parts sound as though they're coming thru a matrix decoder that is "pumping" but this could simply be the equipment available at the time used throughout the recording or down to the engineer(s) (I don't know who mixed this). Nor can I attest to the fact that this is indeed sourced from a discrete 4 channel source as stated. However there seem to be enough discrete moments, vocals in particular to convince me personally of it's legitimacy. The overall mixing approach seems to be the same throughout the entire recording, a very sensible, Amphitheatre sound, with lots of discrete effects, thankfully not a crappy reverb live concert with audience surround mix. 1971 was a very early time in Quadraphonic music and the engineer(s) I believe deserve a nod. This Quad version will probably end up being my favorite (semi-live) Floyd concert. I think it's probably the closest we'll ever hear to an early Pink Floyd Azimuth Co-ordinator show.
I own a VHS version and the DVD version of this movie, and both decode nicely through a now standard DPL II decoder as well, but nothing near this discrete 4 channel mix.

I recommend a listen to this to any Surround Sound fans -with the means to do so.
My version is Quadraphonic 4.0 DVD-Audio 96/24 NOT DVD-Video and WILL NOT play back in a DVD-Video player. Big thanks to all those who made this possible.
Iv'e been trying to get my hands on a copy for a while, with this whole blocking of piratebay its prooving quite hard.
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