2011 Remasters not all to the same standard?
I've been listening to Floyd a lot again lately, and now that I've put the Discovery box set onto my iPod I expected them to be very good quality.

My gripe is that I have noticed Animals is somewhat louder than WYWH and The Wall, with the latter being considerably quieter than Animals. I would have expected that all the albums would at least be the same volume level having all been remastered in 2011 and all by James Guthrie.
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He must have liked Animals a lot. :)
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Maybe it has to do with the volume of the original recordings? I'm not a sound engineer, so I'm pulling that out of my ass, but if you're remastering based on the original master recording, you're working within a certain set of limitations. Maybe Animals was originally mastered louder than The Wall.
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The loudness probably has to do with the amount of compression used in this remaster.
The 2 channel master tapes could indeed affect the ceiling, but this could also be overcome depending
on choice(s) (Record company, artist, engineer, etc.). Differing intended dynamic ranges by the engineer and the Floyd may factor in. Animals may simply be intended to be a louder album, whilst the others are intended to retain a greater dynamic range.

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