Poll: PF Survivor - Round 5, More
Cirrus Minor
The Nile Song
Green Is The Colour
Ibiza Bar
More Blues
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PF Survivor - Round 5, More
You know the rules. I still vote off Green Is The Colour.
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Once again, The Nile Song.
I think this is the third time i've voted ibiza Bar
Ibiza Bar...how could people possibly be voting for Green is the Colour?? :upside:
RIP Syd Barrett - 1/6/46 - 7/7/06
RIP Rick Wright - 7/28/43 - 9/15/08

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More Blues has to go.
R. I. P Syd Barrett (06/01/46-07/07/06)
R. I. P Rick Wright (28/07/43-15/09/08)

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Let's get a few more votes in please. I want to eliminate 2 songs this time. GITC has 4 votes, Nile, Ibiza, & More Blues have 2 votes each.
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Green Is The Colour

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pinkfloydmadchris Wrote:More Blues has to go.

And what happened to Crying Song, that's easily one of the best on the album? Also how did Green Is The Colour get so many votes? IMO the best 4 songs on the album are The Nile Song, Crying Song, Green Is The Colour and Ibiza Bar.
sjmcd, you forgot Cymbaline... :sleepy:

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