New Electric Guitar - Help me choose the right guitar
Do you know what's the difference in strats as far as sound goes?

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i suppose the reissues have a more characterful tone (less homogenous) and often more of a twang.
When does David use EMG pickups. Every time I see his guitars, all of the pickups are white. I thought EMGs are black. Can they be white?
his silent pickups are all white - you just can't see the metal circles under each string
see here:
I'd go right for the Les Paul man rocker

hammers hammers hammers hammers
i wouldn't - he hasn't the bidget for a gibson les paul, and the epiphone ones are not good. go with the strat
Are those white ones more expensive?
good god, yes. i'm sure you strat will be fine without the (and because they are battery powered, you will i suppose have to replace the battery quite a bit)
I guess I'll go with the black then.
Does year make a difference in the Reissue Strats?
I own a number of guitars both electric and acoustic and I find my Fat Strat to be the best, at least for me. I've always been sort of a Fender guy but recently bought a used Les Paul and like playing that as well. There's a totaly different feel between the two but that can be good at times.
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