New Electric Guitar - Help me choose the right guitar
bak2life Wrote:I guess I'll go with the black then.
Does year make a difference in the Reissue Strats?
yes. check out here for the reissues or here for the Highway 1 line (the most beautiful stretch of road also has a decent line of guitars named after it!)

I would go to a decent guitar shop (how is your area for guitar shops) and play arounf looking at different Strats (and whatever else gets your fancy). Don't listen to the sales staff and buy what you like the sound of. :;):
Which one of the Reissue strats has the closest to the "Gilmour" sound?
prob the 62. I'd get a Highway though :)
What is a Highway. I thought he used the reissue strats. ???
yeah, but they do look nice! check out the natural wood one!
i think you should go for either, regardless of gilmour sound in case you get bored of PF and find a new music u like (so u want a versatile setup)
look at this !!
Everything looks the same, except the neck. Is there really that much of a difference?
i THINk the Highway 1 Strat is cheaper
ok. i';d say the most gilmourish start on the site is
u can click the listen link on each page to hear the guitar

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