your equipment - rating out of 10
what type of guitar and amp to you use? how would you rate these. my main guitar is a 93 gibson les paul custom, ive added coil taps, and my amp is a new marshall avt150. i would rate the guitar an 8.5 outa 10, its heavy but great to play. the amp probably gets a 7.5, it has many options, but only a few really useful ones.
is this called southernblues shows off? lol

i have a crappy amp (Park 15R)
an ok Mexican Strat (with the silver logo) which is about about 12 years old, and i am very fond of it. i use a Vintage Rat and a Marshall Compression
haha sorry...i just really love guitars, and im always in the market for a new one. it nice to hear opinions from people who own them.
i'd say the next guitar i'd get would be an acoustic. what do u make of the new Baby Martin?
i love martins! i just bought one. check out my website the guitars are pictured if you click on instruments on the left. if you want to listen to any of the music i suggest southern blues or fortune smiles, those are the only kinda serious recordings.
The Sun is very good, but how about shaving 2 minutes off it and sticking it in 3/4 and having the vocals higher? :)
well thank you, when i rerecord the sun i do plan on shaving off a good portion of the time, and probably throwing a good piano on there. i am currently putting a band together and we are looking for a better vocalist, so hopefully that will be solved too. thanks for the ideas, i agree entirely with you. if you have any other suggestions id be glad to hear them.
sure i was also fond of clouds and was wondering about a different drum track (could be percussion rather than kit) or whether it needed a drum track at all?
oh yeah clouds is a good song, it probably needs more subtle drums the next time around, we recorded the entire fortune smiles album in just a few hours. im still debating about the song southernblues...some people say to cut it into two songs and some people say to take out some of the slower part in the beggining, i havent decided what to do yet.
geocities didn;t let me downloaded much more

i guess i;'ll be doing similar to you once i have my mac!

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